SCIENCE OF IMPACT PROTECTION Using Science to protect you! Extreme Impact Protection Material, a bowling ball is dropped onto various pieces of foam that sit atop a pressure-sensing device. The test compared PORON XRD Materials and three other popular shock-absorbing materials used in protective equipment and apparel.PORON XRD Materials absorb more energy than competitive materials— nearly twice as much in some cases.

    Effectiveness of PORON® XRD™ Designed for a customized fit, the PORON® XRD™ X-Pad offers versatility in designs for body protection and freedom of movement with it’s unique flexible shape. You can trim or die cut it to size for applications ranging from shoulder pads and rib protection to knee and shin guards. PORON XRD X-Pad design has channels for air movement for body temperature comfort and has a textile surface for a durable, abrasion-resistant surface.

  • PORON® XRD™ Using Science to protect you! Extreme Impact Protection Is available in several ready-to-use standard shapes that meet a variety of impact absorption levels and your unique product design needs.Like all PORON XRD Material offerings, this series of standard shapes provides the best in wearable, repeated impact protection technology. PORON XRD Material is ideal for use in protective footwear and apparel applications where protection, comfort and consistent performance are required, use after use.